Hey everyone,

I know this doesn’t cover the usual subjects of the SM Blog, but, after suffering from major depression for some time and trying to deal with it the best I can (using all the usual routes of GPs, therapy and medication), I have somewhat naively steered clear of the “self-help” route; mainly because of my own preconceptions of it.

But, last night, during an all too common bout of insomnia and worrying, I inevitably found myself trawling the internet for information regarding depression and anxiety. And needless to say I was impressed with the amount of help, guidance and information out there!! Ok, there are going to be some businesses and individuals that shamelessly try to cash in on anything such as this, but if you take your time and keep your wits about you, there are some very good organisations and resources to tap in to that will aid your recovery.

With depression and anxiety becoming more and more prevalent in recent years (especially within western society) and that we no longer have the support networks that the close neighbourhoods of the past provided, I thought I would share some great links I have come across in the hope it will at least help one person that is struggling to get through a very hard time.

NHS Website – Containing some very useful information regarding where to seek help, along with free audio CBT and links to other organisations.

Live Life to the Full – LLTTF – Not the best looking website but provides very useful information for people to work through at their leisure and in the comfort of their own homes.

MoodGYM – An Australian based website that helps people worldwide, that features an online course of CBT to help sufferers.

Penzu – Ok, so this is not strictly a website aimed at depression and anxiety, but it is something that has helped me immensely since starting to use it over the last few months. An online, secure journal website will encourage you to write down your feelings and emotions each day. Not only is it a btilliant tool, but the website design is beautiful too!

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably – An amazing website providing help, resources, links and articles. Not only is it useful, but it has some amazing design elements to it. They also allow you to add your skills to their resource bank to help the site, content, design etc.

I know this post is somewhat off-topic, but I hope someone finds it useful.



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